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Tried and tested quality with the new design of the AD 741

The tried and tested planer/thicknesser from the Felder 700 series is renowned for its excellent planing results and reliability. In the new design the AD 741 offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio and is a perfect entry level model into professional woodworking. Like all planers from Felder, the AD 741 can also be equipped with the revolutionary Silent-POWER spiral cutterblock guaranteeing optimal working conditions by halving the noise emissions.

> Easy, synchronised opening of the solid planing table
> Minimum space requirement due to the optimised planing fence
> Accuracy to a tenth of a millimetre on the thicknessing table adjustment with digital indicator
> Optional “Power-Drive” package for electrical control
> Easy to read depth of scale, optimally integrated into the machine chassis
> The Felder system cutterblock, has been guaranteeing perfect planing results for decades
> Innovative Silent-POWER spiral cutterblock halves noise emissions

... Your decision for Felder, a risk-free decision
> The right machine for every budget
> Complete reliability in professional use
> Tailor made machine solutions
> High quality cast iron machine table and aggregates
> Innovative detail solutions derived from 60 years of experience - already included in the standard configuration
> First class manufacturing and finishing standards
> Intuitive application concepts
> Modern, distinct design
> Quality and precision from Austria
> Powerful and efficient
> Complete package: Comprehensive service support
> CE + GS dust certified

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Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock
Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock
Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock

The Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock - globally unique
The Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock - globally unique
The Silent-POWER® Spiral Cutterblock - globally unique

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